New issue of SIGEVOlution (Volume 4 Issue 3)

The new issue of SIGEVOlution (the newsletter of ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation) was released:

In this release you can read about:

Issues in applying computational intelligence
By Arthur Kordon

By Patrick O. Stalph, Martin V. Butz

And a lot of information about new PhD theses, new journal issues and about events to come.

Pyevolve on SIGEVOlution


I’m proud to announce that Pyevolve is featuring on the last issue ofSIGEVOlution(Volume 4, Issue 1), a newsletter from the ACM Special Interest Group on Evolutionary Computation. I would like to thank the newsletter editorPier Luca Lanziand the board for the corrections in the article and for the well done reformatted version of the paper.

Pyevolve is currently in version 0.5, in a few months I’ll be releasing the new 0.6 release with the new major features that are currently implemented in the development version only (you can check it at the subversion repository in

I hope you enjoy the article !

– Christian S. Perone